21st Annual 2016 National Solar Tour

Solar enthusiasts are invited to the 21st Annual 2016 National Solar Tour taking place throughout the month of October in the United States.

Attendees have the opportunity to view solar technology in communities that have invested in solar. Participants will be able to share detail about how their projects launched and provide insight that guides other communities in solar expansion. Additionally utility-scale solar projects also have the opportunity of being on the tour.

Tune into Lauren Ell’s recorded interview with Carly Rixham, Executive Director of American Solar Energy Society.


“The tour is neighbors opening their doors so they can talk to their neighbors about solar energy or other renewable energy technologies in their home,” said Carly Rixham, Executive Director of American Solar Energy Society. “It is a good platform to get people talking about what works, what doesn’t work, recommendations for local installers, as well as local incentives.”

The 60+ tour locations can be found on the official American Solar Energy Society website. The Southwestern US region features a tour in Santa Ynez Valley in California, Flagstaff, Arizona, as well as a number of locations in Colorado and Texas. Be sure to check the tour map before October 1, 2016 as some locations provide tours on specific dates.

Rixham noted that every tour site schedule will be unique according to how event organizers plan the event. Some locations host kick-off breakfasts or closing parties. This year a number of sites will be hosting a bike tour.

The tour takes place in October which is Energy Awareness Month designated by the Department of Energy.

The National Solar Tour is hosted by the American Solar Energy Society, otherwise known as ASES. It was founded in 1954, making it the oldest renewable energy organization in the United States. ASES publishes solar energy magazine Solar Today and also hosts popular solar event ASES National Solar Conference.

For more information about the National Solar Tour visit http://www.ases.org/solar-tour/

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